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Decisions, Decisions

Every day we encounter situations that require decisions. Some loom large, while others may seem completely miniscule or trivial. For instance, when driving, we decide whether to obey the traffic laws and signs or to run the red light. After all, the cars in the adjacent lanes are still moving and this will help  regain the […]

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Every action is preceded by a decision; every decision matters!

The Seahawks’ last offensive play in Super Bowl XLIX left many fans lamenting what might have been. So close to victory, but one bad call sealed their defeat. That action punctuates the importance of every decision, not just in football but in life.

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Let’s look at others using the eyes through which we’d like to be seen.

The last place you look! Have you ever searched and searched for something, ultimately finding it in the last place you look? Suddenly, the search is over; you’ve found it and, hence, you stop looking. Sometimes, we do that with people. We look and look until we find the good we expect OR we search […]

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Live a dynamic life every day!

Living for the Weekend! Some of you with a few decades of life behind you may remember the popular song by that name. Even those who’ve never heard the song may have expressed the sentiment. Most of us love the weekend because we can relax with family & friends and schedule our time as we […]

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Every child needs the affirmation of an adult.

Childhood is very short. Yet so impactful. One’s early years lay the foundation for all that adulthood yields. Adults not only have the power, but limitless opportunities to positively contribute to the lives of children. Instead of viewing young people stereotypically as a unit and giving voice to what you don’t like about today’s youth, […]

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If you don’t have time to nurture your key relationships, you’re too busy!

Just not enough hours in the day! We hear that sentiment so frequently that many of us actually believe that we need more hours in each day. Often, we wear “busyness” as a badge of honor. For some, being busy equates to being important. Consider that the issue may not be the number of predetermined, […]

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